Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144 Info:

Kurulus Osman Season 5
  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitle: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 144 (14)
  • Release Date: 0000

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 144 Summary & Review

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap Kurulus Osman series surprised the fans by releasing the second trailer prematurely But the scenes involved were not surprising for the fans Its highlights were already leaked This was the trailer that was deleted after it was released last week But now that the team of the series has officially released the trailer, they have tried to maintain the interest of the fans.

But the first question that came to the mind of the fans was this Whether the series will release the third trailer now Which will show explosive highlights We will talk about this and also tell you why Osman Bey’s palace is celebrating Is there a wedding party going on? Has the decision been made to advance the story of Konur Alp, Osman Bey’s historical companion? The new princess Maria is going to be the bride of the Ottomans instead of the Al-Khanis In addition, we will talk about whether

the Germanians are going to have a historical alliance with the Mongols Has Osman Bey officially declared his supreme state? And henceforth he will appear as the Turkish ruler I will share the details of many more important things with you in today’s video So watch the video till the end And subscribe our channel Despite taking a break, Kurulus Osman series is still giving fans a surprise every day Be it a drastic change in the story, introducing new characters or changing the timings of the trailer. The second trailer was released early But most of his scenes were not new to the fans Most of these highlights were part of this trailer which was removed after submission

And it looks like the series is now planning something special Then it turned out to be true And an explosive trailer surprised the fans with great surprises The scenes in this newly released trailer are new They also look impressive The return of the white bearded men was predicted from the leaked scenes But now the story is starting to become clear When fans were repeatedly asking this question these days Even in the last season, the establishment of Osman Bay’s high state was not being shown

Then when will it be possible? So then we told you that the white beards will return first And then Osman Bay will be seen wearing the crown of the head of the Turks Finally, the fans breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the white bearded men And then the scenes everyone has been waiting for since the first season Now they are going to be a part of the upcoming episode So everyone will be excited to watch the new episode The highlights of Osman Bey’s admirable scenes are stirring

the hearts of the fans The story that the series started with At last it shows the foundation of a great state at its interesting juncture Which was certainly not easy And maintaining this empire is going to be very difficult What dangers are waiting for Osman Bey after this announcement? Will talk about this too First we come to a very curious topic Which has got everyone’s attention these days We shared with you the story of Princess Maria along with some historical facts And also told you about Gorklu Khan But the rumors of this princess becoming a bride are attracting everyone Every other question is about the same Whose bride will she become?

And will Konur Alp’s story be shown alongside it? Rumors spreading on social media are raising thousands of questions Let me clarify your confusion The story of Princess Maria is connected with a historical event We have already told you this She was an Al-Khani bride for 15 years before And now for alliance with the Al-Khanis the princess was offered for kinship All these are historical events But the second time this marriage will not be possible We told you this too But is this princess who was kidnapped by Osman going to be the love of Konur Alp? This is quite an important topic

The reason for such rumors is now again Konur espionage in Constantinople Earlier he had won the trust of Princess Ophelia and taken her with him When Constantinople he was sent on a mission It was also speculated these days that Konur Alp’s story could continue with this Byzantine princess First let’s make it clear that according to history, Princess Holofera was the first Byzantine woman who became the bride of the Ottomans But there is a different opinion about Osman Bey’s companions As Turgat Bey kidnaps Princess Mari And one day this story ended with the marriage of both So now Madakh thinks the same about Princess Maria and Konur While the chances of this happening are negligible

But there is also a question about the relationship of Princess Maria to Emperor Andronikos According to history, the daughter of Emperor Andronikos was also named Maria But in the series, the emperor’s daughter appeared in the form of Ophelia But at the same time it is listed That a princess Maria was also the emperor’s sister Which was a step Byzantine princess Just like Asargun Bano Step Al Khani was a princess According to the historical story, the princess Maria who was being prepared to marry the Al-Khanis in 1307. He also encountered Osman Bey And the Mongols also sent 30 to 40 thousand troops to take it But Osman Bey sent him back to Constantinople Hence, all the news related to Konur and Princess Maria’s wedding

They are completely wrong Then the attention of the fans is also towards that if there is no marriage So what is the celebration going on in Yenisehir So Battle is also like marriage and celebration for Turks And too, like warrior, has declared independence, so now big wars are waiting for him The scene that was awaited at the beginning of the season It will come out now The splendor and awe that will be like that of the sultans Osman Bey was seen wearing a royal dress and making a loud announcement where he undertook to take over the responsibilities of the state and the Turks The scene reminded fans of the celebration of Osman Bey’s accession to the throne and the scenes of Ertugrul Ghazi dressing up as the chieftain.

In the end, Osman Bey was also seen at the grave of Ertugrul Ghazi Because he has finally laid the foundation of this state following the footsteps of his ancestors Which will free the Turks And will spread the holy claim all over the world Talks of Osman Bey’s supremacy and independence have spread throughout the world But first of all, this message has reached Yaqub Bey in front of him Who was seething with anger Osman Bey’s courage has given him a blow But will he join hands with the Mongols in this confusion? This question has come up There is no doubt that Osman Bey and Yaqub Bey will often appear in front of the peace from now on Differences will turn into enmity But the Germians will ally with the Mongols It is recorded in history Mehmet Bey had also attacked the Ottoman lands together with the Mongol commander Chaudar

But at this point in the story, Gorkhalu Khan is present So, it is possible that Giramiani would join hands with him and take steps against Osman Bey in these circumstances Finally let me tell you that now the third trailer of the series is also likely to come out with a surprise. If possible, it will be submitted within one to two days You must express your opinion on all these events in the comment box Like and share the video See You Soon!

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