Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143 (season 5 episode 13) Urdu Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143 Info:

Kurulus Osman Season 5
  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitle: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 143 (13)
  • Release Date: 0000

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 143 Summary & Review

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap Kurulus Osman series is coming back with a new story after a long hiatus So the fan craze is also increasing The stunning style of the great series is having a magical effect on the fans Despite not releasing an episode, the series delivered such impressive surprises this week That the interest of the fans could not decrease On the contrary, they are anxiously waiting to know the details of the events, the highlights of which made the hearts of the fans restless.

Watching both the trailers of the new episode gives such an impression As if the story had started anew That’s why fans are questioning whether the series will show a time jump Events that have changed so much Will the old stories stop there and put them to rest for a while? Holoferya is going to be absent from the series for some time The stories of the two princes of Osman Bey will remain incomplete in this series Also will discuss if Orhan Ghazi series has been cancelled Which new actor Kurulus Osman is joining the series? Which Byzantine fortresses and governors will be made part of the story?

What victories of Osman Bey will be seen in the upcoming episodes How long will Gorklu Khan’s role last? Must watch the video till the end to know the complete details of all the important points And subscribe our channel The explosive episode of the series is now waiting for us Such curious incidents are going to be a part of the new episode Who will make everyone crazy Fans are always impressed by the presence of strong villains in the story And then the way the series changed the story Fan interest continues to grow Many questions are also coming up regarding the old events Holofira not being a part of either trailer is surprising everyone Where the story left off before the next break in the series was the affair of Orhan and Holofira. But now this story will end here,

such questions have been raised Before that, let’s mention the time jump of the series First, there is the reason for this discussion That the clothes of the characters in the story have to change Almost all the major characters have had their costumes changed And fans are thinking that it might be because of the long time lapse in the story But the real thing is that the weather has changed, not the historical era Due to severe cold, all the characters have changed their clothes and put on warm clothes But it’s not like the story is stuck in the past A lot of change is going to happen Where Uthman will declare independence in royal garb And the talk of it will reach the distant Turkish regions The Byzantines and Mongols would enter the story strongly at the same time Osman Bey will also make a big fuss by kidnapping Princess Maria And all the arrows will turn to kayi But in these critical situations, Osman Bey will warn everyone by announcing his independence Not only that, some of his moves will shock fans Before going into details,

let’s go back to the story of Holoferra and Orhan Bey When Holofira’s aunt was Olivia So it seemed that the story is now going to focus on this incident But as soon as there were some differences on the set And after a hiatus, it was decided to bring the series back with new events So Holofera’s case was left behind Now fans are wondering if those old rumors were true According to which Holofera was about to disappear from the story It is too early to say anything about this But it is true that

the actress who played the role of Holofira has also been a part of another project for a short role. But its shooting had not started yet So she didn’t even disappear from the story This is unlikely to happen in the next story either But the scenes that took place at every other step were about the love of Holofira and Orhan Bey Now will not be able to cover so much space The stories of both the princes will see a little break once they are reversed But this topic will be discussed in the next episode But in the new episode even bigger events are going to win the hearts of the fans Especially Osman Bey’s majestic style,

his preparations as a true Turkish ruler and the princes standing shoulder to shoulder with Osman Bey during this time. Who will rule this empire in the days to come In addition to the feast scene in Yeni city, the meeting with the white bearded men and Osman Bey’s scenes at Ertugrul Ghazi’s grave will be very impressive. Meanwhile Osman Bey’s dialogues will also be so strong That these words will directly touch the hearts of fans In terms of action, the biggest event of the new episode will be the attack on the Byzantine caravan and the kidnapping of the princess which will cause a storm among the Alkhanis and the Byzantines With the addition of Cara Gelson, Jacob Bay and many other characters, it’s clear that the series isn’t taking place with a time jump. Very little time has passed here But Osman Bey has decided what he is going to do now

How long will the role of Gorklu Khan, the new face brought by the Mongols, last? Speaking of which, Kara Gelson will be gone in one to two episodes Then all the focus will be on Gorklu Khan Joe Al-Khani will be shown as a rich and very bloodthirsty Mongol Fans know him as Genghis Khan in the Mandhriman Jalaluddin series Whose strong chest also suppressed the character of the hero there There is no answer to the acting of this Uzbek face in the guise of Gorklu Khan But unfortunately,

the team of the series has chosen him for a fictional character instead of giving him a historical character out of habit It is understandable that Gorakhlu Han Il-Khani is rich He may have existed during this period But it was not so important that it can be recorded in history To some extent, this is the fictional character of Kurulus Osman’s team It is difficult to decide at this time That his end may be at the hands of Osman Bey Or not Taking the lives of Al-Khani Amirs is tantamount to challenging their empire Osman Bey can take such a step only after gaining full power If Gorkalu Khan’s character is like Commander Chaudhary then he will surely die But if he was shown like Amir Choban So he will come back alive even after spilling blood These days some new names are also coming up Which is part of the Kurulus Osman series But this news is not confirmed,

so we will not go into its details But it is certain that the series will introduce new characters Especially a great Byzantine governor will be brought forward Which will be associated with Kite, Adernos or Kastel Also note here that after formally declaring the state and challenging both states by kidnapping the princess, Osman Bey would achieve major victories to push them away. Which will be brought forward only in case of climbing on the west That means some big forts will be conquered And these events will become part of the story very quickly On the other hand, fans are questioning the series on the life of Orhan Ghazi Whether it has been cancelled So there is nothing like that

In fact, Kurulus Osman’s team is consulting on extending this series But this decision has been fruitless so far I will share some important news about this with you in the coming days Do express your opinion about these events in the comment box Like and share the video See You Soon!

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