Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 142 (season 5 episode 12) Urdu Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 142 Info:

Kurulus Osman Season 5
  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitle: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 142 (12)
  • Release Date: 0000

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 142 Summary & Review

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap Kurulus Osman series presented such a wonderful trailer of the new episode To see the fans go wow The series has made a comeback in a big way by throwing a lot of surprises together The sadness of not releasing the episode this week disappeared in an instant When such a great trailer came out An attempt was made to eliminate all the objections of the fans at once

The news of the actors’ differences with the series team was making the fans as sad as possible Now the positive results of this debate are making the fans equally happy The story takes such a drastic turn that many new characters are introduced at the same time The old story seemed to be ending But everyone is eager to know the details of the new story Especially the new Byzantine princess has gained a lot of attention from the fans Although some scenes of this trailer were already leaked But what is the celebration going on here? How will the marriage of the princess progress in the Al-Khani state? Why would Osman Bey jump into the affairs of Constantinople again?

What step will he take to shock two big states? Is the great Mongol army about to turn to the Kayi’s? Which major historical event is now going to be a part of the series? In addition, we will talk about whether Osman will really kidnap the princess Will Osman invite trouble by doing this? Apart from this, the details of many other important things will be shared with you in this video So watch the video till the end And subscribe our channel Kurulus Osman series released such an explosive trailer That the fans have gone crazy for the series The fifth season did not deliver a single spectacular episode Similar highlights are part of the new trailer Such strong and historical characters have come forward That fan interest has peaked New stories always grab the attention of viewers But such historical events are the life of the series

Then Osman Bey’s action will also give the story four moons in a full way The first role that caught the attention of fans was a Byzantine princess When the scenes of the celebration in the Byzantine palace were leaked So it seemed that they would be related to Princess Holofera But here the whole story has changed As soon as the trailer showed glimpses of Constantinople, the hearts of fans were racing. Because they knew that

now very interesting events are about to unfold Even before this, fans have seen Osman Bey in action in Constantinople Which was gaining a lot of attention at the beginning of the fourth season But the objectionable thing there was that it was all attributed to fictitious stories And this time the reason of interest is the historical story connected with Constantinople Princess Maria is going to be a very strong Byzantine woman It is also a fact that she remained the wife of Al-Khani for 15 years But it is true that now Osman Bey will die by breaking this alliance And in the present story he will not let this princess reach the Alkhanis These two different sides of the story are very confusing Osman Bey’s steps will be discussed in detail But first, let’s take a closer look at the history of the princess

The series also did not introduce the princess as a younger young beautiful She appears to be an older woman The fact is that this story started in 1265 When Halaku Khan used to be the ruler of Al Khanis and the Byzantines who were offered kinship for alliance As a result, Princess Maria was sent away from Constantinople in 1265 But Halaku Khan died before the princess reached her destination After which Princess Maria got married to Abaqa Khan, son of Halaku Khan Eventually, the Byzantine princess became the Mongol bride He had great influence in the Al-Khani court

The Mongols called her Despina Khatun It is said that Princess Maria spent 15 years with Abaqa Khan in his palace After which Abaqa Khan died It is also recorded in this story that Baidu Khan also had a close relationship with the princess In this situation, the princess went back to Constantinople But this story did not end there The story turned again in 1307 when the Mongol-Byzantine alliance began again under Emperor Andronikos. To strengthen this bond of union, the Byzantines again presented Princess Maria as a bride. At that time there was Al-Jaytu Khan as the ruler of the Mongols

The main reason for this alliance was the threat posed by the Ottomans to the Byzantines Now the series is going through exactly the same period Where the enemy is conspiring against Osman Bey Especially the Mongols and the Byzantines are often seen attacking together But now this unity is going to be on a bigger level However, every possible effort is made to break the alliance of Osman Bey with other Turkish chieftains But Osman Bibi will not allow himself to be divided between these two states by allowing them to unite The Mongols also enter the story in a very strong way with new characters Will talk about it too The highlights of Constantinople Princess Maria was there at a function By this time the Mongols’ offer had reached the princess Rather,

the Mongols themselves are looking right and left of the princess But it is not all that easy How is it possible that the affairs of Constantinople continued due to the interference of Osman Bey? He even jumps into the battle for the Byzantine throne This is again a matter of unity Konur Alp, as usual, appeared as spies in the Palace of Constantinople He was accompanied by Bayindir Bey and other soldiers Who will convey the news of this matter to Osman Bey

As soon as all matters reach Osman Bey Kai will set out to kidnap the princess in his traditional style The princess was being led away by Kara Jelson and other Mongols When Osman Bey attacked them This attack was very powerful Few highlights have won the hearts of the action fanatics here Osman Bey’s attack will be successful He will kidnap the princess So that the Mongol and Byzantine alliance can be blown away As till now Osman Bey’s alliance was thwarted in every possible way Ag Osman Bay will kidnap the princess So of course Kara Gelson will lose here

Who was carrying the princess So talk about whether he will be killed So the end is very near But first he has to answer for his failure to the newly arrived Mongol Amir This step of Osman Bey has turned the arrows of two big states towards him Who is the new Mongolian villain and how will the story of the princess progress, you will share the details in the next video. Do tell us in the comment box how much the new explosive trailer has impressed you Like and share the video See You Soon!

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