Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 141 (season 5 episode 11) Urdu Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 141 Info:

Kurulus Osman Season 5
  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitle: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 141 (11)
  • Release Date: 0000

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 141 Summary & Review

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap The Kurulus Osman series is expected to deliver many memorable events in this final season But the most important event which is being awaited from the first episode of the series till now He wanted to see the establishment of the Ottoman Empire and Osman Bey as its ruler The series spent so many seasons building the premise of this story But even today the situation does not seem to correspond with history In this sense, the last season showed a lot of progress

But in this season, Osman Bey would have united the Turks under one flag and founded the Ottoman state And it will be shown to create fear in the hearts of enemies This question is running in the minds of fans every day Osman Bey’s rise and conquests towards the west are not hidden from anyone But why the series is so careless about such major events is beyond everyone’s understanding Will Osman Bey succeed in making himself Sultan very soon? Why is the series team changing

the story day by day in their confusion? Has the script of the main characters been changed? Has Cerkutay started spying on Yakup? Also will talk about how many episodes are left in Kurulus Osman series After how many episodes this final season will be completed Will the story of Orhan Ghazi be continued after Kurulus Osman? Another explosive series is already in the works Must watch the video till the end to know the complete details of all the important points And subscribe our channel Lovers of the Kurulus Osman series are becoming obsessed with Ottoman history

This wonderful series where bringing them closer to this great date There, this state built on the basis of Islamic principles is shaking the soul of Muslims Whatever it is, this brilliant series has succeeded in fulfilling its true purpose The young generation of the recent times did not know the high Islamic history due to distance from historical books She is presented through such a wonderful series And then these days the Muslims who are facing persecution It is clear from his firm faith that he got this inheritance from Muslim braves The purpose of these series on Muslim

heroes is not merely to glorify these characters Rather, such hidden heroes and Islamic spirit are to be awakened in the young generation The Dirlesh Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman series have left a profound impact around the world Not only Muslims but also non-Muslims could not help but be impressed by these series And then this last season has become very special Because it mirrored the current battle in Jerusalem and the persecution of the pagans in such a series,

it turns out that the series has not yet strayed from its true purpose. And then Osman Bey said such words that this war has been going on for thousands of years And it will continue for thousands of years It further fuels the madness in the hearts of Muslims The Ottoman Empire was the greatest state in Muslim history Which was founded by Osman Ghazi And this series is wrapping up that period Fans have been dying to see the formation of the magnificent state since the first season

But the series is moving at such a slow pace That fans’ patience is paying off In the fourth season, that historic period came When the Ottoman Empire was actually founded And Osman Ghazi had officially announced it It finally happened in last season’s finale And Osman Bey announced this supreme state While the historic battle of Kohanisar which was attributed to this declaration It was made part of the story very crudely But still the fans endured And the next story was expected to improve

But there is room for the team of the series to let the fans breathe a sigh of relief Especially the fans who are fond of history always look sad The new season fell on them like lightning And it turns out that the major historical victories and battles from 1302 to 1305 have been overlooked. There is no doubt that battles are the crowning glory of such historical series But then it was found that the forts conquered as a result of this war were not conquered even till 1308 of the historical period of the series.

That means the team of the series has made a big blunder But still the fans were satisfied That eventually these victories will be seen Even if they have come out very late from their historical period But a new problem arose when it became known that Osman Bey was still fighting for the existence of the Ottomans And the Ottoman state was not formally established While Yaqub is ready to become Sultan And Osman Bey has pledged allegiance to him on one occasion All this was very difficult to digest Because in the last season Osman Bey declared his own separate state in front of his mother Sultan Both the Mongols and the Seljuks

were discouraged from paying taxes While some Turkic tribes had agreed to pay tribute to Osman Bey Coins bearing Osman Ghazi’s name were also to be issued A sermon in his name was also given But suddenly everything started to go backwards Osman Ghazi’s ascension towards the west is also being shown in a very slow manner And the uproar over the new head of the Turks is not letting up Osman Bey was still unable to rally the Turks under his banner While in the period of 1308, the Ottomans had gained a good reputation The sun of a great state was rising

The delays here in the series are incomprehensible It seems that Osman Ghazi will be shown in the period of struggle And for the rule of the state and Han Bei will be brought forth The team of the series is very confused during this last season All this is evident from the contrast between the highlights of the trailer and the scenes of the detailed episode Where many scenes are not part of the real story As team decisions are changing step by step And they are changing the stories of different characters by cutting them in the middle The scenes of Cerkutay have kept the fans quite confused Something else happens in the trailer and the scenes of the episode are different

At that time, Yaqub Bey played the last game through Cerkutay And made him his spy and sent him to Osman Bey The admirer wonders if Osman Bey’s heroic warrior is now going to spy on his own chief and pass important information to the enemy. The fans did not expect this But the first such incident happened in the last episode Where an important news reached the Germans Osman Bey invited the Turkish chiefs And wanted to see who was willing to stand behind them

In such a situation, Cerkutay paid special attention to this matter And later the Germanis, having received this information, played a game Which was against Osman Bey Not clearly shown How all this was conveyed to the Germians by Cerkutay But it is still possible that he did it On the other hand, Algun made it clear by warning Gunca That they are loyal to the mosses And this was also the purpose of bringing Cerkutay to Yenisehir That now his story is about to change He probably won’t pass on any sensitive information now But he will return to Osman Bey only after some big mistake Fans were also questioning the end of this wonderful series How long is this season going to end?

Earlier it was reported that this great series might last only till episode number 165 But now after the new information it will complete around 170 episodes And even after that, this story will not be over The great story of Orhan Bey awaits us And the Yüşılış Orhan series has been in the works for almost two years Will share more details with you in another video Like and share the video See You Soon!

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