Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 140 (season 5 episode 10) Urdu Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 140 Info:

Kurulus Osman Season 5
  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitle: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 140 (10)
  • Release Date: 0000

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 140 Summary & Review

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap The Kurulus Osman series covers a very important historical period of the Ottoman Empire The era of the great struggle of Osman Ghazi and the beginning of the Ottoman state is certainly very interesting Kurulus Osman series is presenting its final season So to some extent the story of Osman Ghazi will be completed in it And the next era will be shown by his successor Orhan Bey Since then,

his two eldest sons have occupied a lot of space in the story The young characters of Orhan and Alauddin are impressive But their stories are quite confusing to the fans There are thousands of questions in the minds of fans especially about Orhan And then his affair with Holofira is getting worse day by day instead of being resolved And now the topic of this Byzantine princess becoming a Muslim has attracted everyone more Will Holofira refuse to become a Muslim for the time being?

And is she going to accept Islam under pressure due to marriage? Are the rumors of Holofira disappearing from the story true? Orhan and Holofira’s marriage is not possible in this series Is Orhan Bay going to openly defy his family because of a Byzantine princess? The story of Alauddin and Gunca hatun is going to be reversed now Is the Gunca woman going to be tagged with treason? Will this love story of Alauddin remain incomplete forever? Ulgun hatun will further distance her by uncovering Guca secret Also will talk about which characters are going to disappear from the series in the coming days

To know the full details of all these things, watch the video till the end And subscribe our channel Fans of Kurulus Osman series are impressed with this great story But the new season that is showing the episode His disagreement with history is surprising everyone Thus, Yakup Bey’s allegiance was the most surprising event of the season Because the fans didn’t expect that But Orhan Bey’s case is also getting confused The series was moving the story along quickly But now some events are so delayed

That the fans have agreed The story of Orhan Ghazi and Holofira woman is not hidden from anyone According to history, both of them got married at a young age But the series did not consider it appropriate to show it And now the limit is reached This episode is so confused after being 10 years behind its time It is not likely to be completed soon in the series This storyline was added early in the season But the situation continued to deteriorate And the historical events and conquests attributed to their marriage are not even remotely possible

Now the issue of Holofira woman becoming a Muslim is flaring up And fans have been bombarded with questions That the series is going to make a mistake in this case too Whether Holofira was a Muslim is a very important question At first the Malhoun lady was not accepting him And now it seems that its scope is being applied as a condition in Islam While she is denying it But Orhan forcefully brought him to his senses from the border market And now she said to be a Muslim, everyone is wondering if she will accept Islam under pressure This thought is also making the fans anxious But keep calm till aj tak dir lash Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman series never happened

That someone should be forced to become a Muslim Each character has been influenced by the attributes of Muslims and accepted Islam Even so, the religion itself is clear about this That there is no coercion or coercion in adopting it Then it is impossible The Malhoun woman is also right to discuss this topic She wants a Muslim woman for Orhan Bey as the ruler of a great Islamic state Who understands their religion On whose principles this supreme state is going to run So far in the series, Holofira has been shown to be close to Christianity And no scene of him being influenced by Islam was included That is, the series was planning to show a lot of movement on this issue and that is what is happening As for forcing Holofira to do it, that will not happen at all Orhan has invited him to Islam

If then Holofera refused You might even see Orhan Bey get a little bit of control over his aggressiveness And will leave the matter to circumstances Thus once Holofira has faced Yunus Emre where his words were the cause of Holofera’s interest But more such incidents are yet to be seen In the story Holofira will be shown to be a Muslim after being influenced by Islam himself Talking about the history, there are different opinions about when Holofira became a Muslim According to some accounts, Orhan Bey had meetings with this Byzantine princess at an early age So there she was influenced by

Orhan Bey’s morals and became a Muslim While it is recorded in some places that she converted to Islam at the time of her marriage to Orhan Bey Now how will the series show this incident? Yee is also an important topic Because the historical event of Holoferra’s marriage has been left far behind The affair of Holofera is to further inflame this fire among the Kaiyans and Germanians But here is another news that the character of Holofira will probably be absent from the series for some time

In fact, the actor Ecem Sena Bayır, who is seen in this role, has become part of a new project Which consists of only eight episodes Its shooting is likely to begin with the new year But there is a question in the minds of the fans Will she be absent from the Korlos Osman series during this time? Even so, some episodes of Kurloosh Osman series are in stock But if something changes in the story And Holofera as it rained before It is also possible if it is removed again for some time But most likely

it won’t Orhan and Holofira’s marriage is possible in the series or not Talk about whether she will become Orhan Bey’s wife in Orhan series itself So if this marriage becomes a part of this series So we will see at the end of this season Otherwise, the team of the series is running on its own account And history is left far behind Because Osman Bey’s marriage was seen in the first season of Korolush Osman series The same can be done with Orhan Bay The story of Gunca hatun and Alauddin also begins to progress A single breeze is enough to weaken it Although Alauddin has expressed his love to Bey Gunca And Goncha’s sentiments are also not different from Alauddin’s But unfortunately,

this love will flow in their tears And it will not end with the union of the two Algun hatun has now warned Gunca Khatun That she knows the truth of it After which it is possible that Gunca hatun will also try to stay away from Alauddin Bey But then in the end it is likely that the story of Gunca and Alauddin Bey will remain incomplete Either she will return to her lands with her family Or at some point she will be martyred while saving Alauddin Bey’s life Either way, their love will remain unfulfilled Of course, this will make the fans very sad Because

the series impressed everyone by creating memorable scenes like Alauddin Bay and Gunca Khatun’s horse race. But now they have to see this story crumble Visit the link in the description to know the details of the historical love stories of Orhan Bey and Alauddin Bey Which of these two pairs is your favorite? Be sure to tell in the comment box Like and share the video See You Soon!

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