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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 137 Info:

  • Show Name: Kurulus Osman
  • Language: Turkish
  • Subtitle: Urdu Subtitles
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 137 (7)
  • Release Date: 23th November

Kurulus Osman Episode 137 Synopsis

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pakistanwap Kurulus Osman series tried hard to win the hearts of the fans by presenting another explosive episode Anyway, the action of the last episode is one of the first great fight scenes of the season Until now, fans were missing such action Woo impressed everyone by showing up in the new episode But no story is just about action Rather, it succeeds because of its strong script After a lot of confusion, the series team is trying to wrap up its sprawling raita

  • Now the story took a curious turn And the sons of the two great leaders were seen in the captivity of the Byzantines Is this issue going to be resolved by a huge war?
  • the Byzantines will prevail again Osman Bay is surrounded on all sides Will he be able to expose the traitor in this difficult situation?
  • In exchange for which fortresses of Osman Bay the Turkish princes will be released Will the Ottomans get into more trouble by not handing over the forts?
  • Osman Bay wants to bring Orhan Bay back by exchanging the castles instead Why is Holofera the woman caught as a traitor?
  • Is there going to be a major historical battle?

And as a result we are going to see the conquests of the forts Apart from this, many more interesting details will be shared with you in this video So Read the Blog sincerely And subscribe our channel Fans of the Kurulus Osman series are going through a tough test And then the history lovers are disappointed with this historical series Because even 10% of history out of 100 is barely visible Historical events and characters are also presented in this way That their heads and feet

there is a difference between the book history and the story presented on the screen But what if one does not even bother to present scenes on major historical events And then the fifth season is describing the weak period of the story of this series Fans don’t understand what is going on who declared an independent state at the end of the fourth season Now even after many years he is facing the pressure of the Mongols fulfilled That’s why fans are criticizing

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 137

But there has been a lot of improvement in the last episode Even the shaken brains of the series team can only be corrected by the criticism of the fans So whether it is Bala Khatun’s character or Osman Bey’s action, the series has at least taken some good steps in this regard due to the strong demands of the fans. Kurulus Osman Episode 137 With Urdu Subtitles Free Cost

Osman Bey is back to his old ways So now the enemies are coming The first head was the pen of the Mongol commander Which we have already discussed However, now the Germiani are occupying the lands of Osman Bay But Osman Bey’s first target is the Byzantines Because his son is in prison Now here is a test of not only the strength but also the intelligence of Osman Bey and Yaqub Who will control these situations? Kurulus Osman Episode 137 With Urdu Subtitles Free Cost

These are more important And the method of both is different Yaqoob Bay does politics in every matter But Osman does politics for an unlimited time Otherwise, his sword speaks Just as happened in the case of the Mongols Both sons are in prison And the two great chieftains have also gathered together an army Other Turkish chiefs are also his supporters But this time the army will be led by Osman Bey And his planning will be seen in the decision room as well

But Yaqub Bay is seen working here with politics who has reached the Byzantine palace And someone is going to make a deal with him From the highlights of the trailer itself, it is known that the conquered forts are going to be exchanged here Yakup is about to be unsealed But this issue will make the Ottomans and Germans fight each other The land which was acquired by the blood of the martyrs should be handed over to the enemy easily It is not bearable for Qais And Yaqub Bay also calls the Ottoman lands under his control So he is making a deal about these forts

But the fan is curious as to which forts these are The first guess is towards Lefke Castle Which was won recently But the manner in which Bala Khatun said that they have given many martyrs in exchange for these forts Meanwhile, Osman Bey is thinking of conquering the castle fort and not returning the already conquered lands.

So here these two Turkish groups will collide And the situation will worsen Osman Bey wants to settle the matter by arresting the traitor and military strikes While Yaqub has reached an agreement He will hand Lefke and Marmarachak over to them Or Osman Bey’s two personal forts, Qalojhesar and Marmarachak, will be given in this agreement

Kurulus Osman Season Episode 7

But since Lefke is likely to win again Hence he may return to the hands of the enemies Osman Bay’s plan is different He is closing in on the traitors And in the meantime, Holofera is also captured Surely these victories will be easy if the traitors are exposed But here we are talking about the arrest of the traitor It is definitely not Holofera So someone between Vasulis and Master Gera has to be captured And was that of Vesulis Even so, everyone will doubt Faisal And Faisal will also be arrested here But why is Holofera captured?

If you talk about it, his arrest is a sham that he is a traitor and because the Turkish prince is in the custody of the Byzantines So how was it possible for a Byzantine princess to remain free here? That is why he is caught It is possible that he intends to bring Orhan Bey back in exchange But before that, and Mehmet should be saved But now the frequent mention of the castle points to his victory This fort will be conquered soon

But just thinking about the historical events connected with it, the hearts of the fans are shaking Kastel, Kite and Edranos were mentioned earlier by Osman Bey and now by Yaqoob Bey Still Osman Bey’s first target is Kastel Because there are their sons But these events are somewhat different from the historical point of view. see how the series has deprived the story of a major historical battle In the case of Osman Bey’s action,

Kurulus Osman Episode 137 Vidtower

there has been some improvement in the story And then Bala Khatun’s fans have also brought color She has also entered the field in this old style Although at that time, a joint military base has been formed together with Yaqoob Bay But soon everything will fall apart And Uthman will begin the conquests of the forts which is the sanctuary of Holofera Here Holofera is not declared a traitor Kurulus Osman Episode 137 With Urdu Subtitles Free Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 137 Pakistanwap

This has happened just to intimidate the Byzantines and wrap things up Faisal will be caught as a traitor What kind of connection will there be between women in Yeni Shahr Mahal? And what changes are going to happen in the story going forward Will share its details with you in the upcoming video What event do you want to know from us? Be sure to tell in the comment box Like and share the Blog See You Soon!

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