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Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Synopsis

Kurulus Osman‘s episodes Connor wonders what’s going on when he notices that there are very few people and swords in the headquarters. He is told that Yaqub Bey told the chiefs that nobody would assist Usman Bey.

Friends, we will talk about whether Usman Bay has done well by swearing allegiance to Yaqub Bay or whether there is a plan of Usman Bay behind it؟ And besides, we’ll talk about why the Mongols shown in the trailer are here and what their purpose is and what the Mongols are in the upcoming episodes What can happen, friends will definitely tell us by commenting on what you think about it.

Our dear audience, Usman Bay, who is very close to our hearts, has been shown to be very bad since the first episode، They have been shown to be very compelled and helpless, but do not worry, now is the time for Usman to be victorious،

Dear Audience Yaqub Bay’s tricks have forced Usman Bay to swear allegiance to Yaqub Bay because Yaqub Bay made conditions for Usman Bay such that Usman Bay had no other choice، But our dear viewers, we think it’s a reversal of what would be a huge shock to Usman Bay’s fans, like the fans in episode 134 Look happy and excited, we think there must be something thrilling for Fans in the upcoming episode, too،

Viewers are well aware of what is happening, Usman Bay، They are just looking for the right opportunity and then they will see that after a few episodes they will come, the lion will fall and all the enemies will be the shoes of Usman Bay Will be on the tip of،

Viewers may be in the Turt Bay series to accompany Usman Bay, as we said in our old video, the Turt Bay series The chance to return has increased considerably and now that the situation is over, dear viewers, we think that the excitement will soon be seen in the series،

Viewers We think Usman Bay has temporarily pledged allegiance to Jacob Bay. In fact, something else is going on in Usman Bay’s mind، They may have thought that it is better to eliminate the enemies of the outside first than to fight in the ups and downs, and that they may have all the origin of Jacob Bay To bring before him the allegiance of Jacob Bay،

Viewers as you know, on the one hand, Usman Bay has been disturbed by the tricks of the cursed Gera Master and the sinister Vasilis, and by giving you the number 134, this too It is well known that Sanjax Lar is actually the people of the sinister Vasilis and is obedient to it, so Usman Bay needs a lot of caution from them too، And on the other hand, the trailer also shows that the Mongols have returned، That is why Usman Bay has decided to destroy the real enemies instead of fighting Jacob Bay،

Now let’s talk about the Mongols, what they have come to do and what they want. Dear viewers as you know that the Mongols are open enemies of the Turks، That is why the Mongols have now sent one of their ambassadors to Yaqub Bay, since Yaqub Bay has declared himself Sultan, which means that if the Sultan If Jacob is helpless, then the treasure of the Seljuk is also with the Sultan, that is why now the Mongols want to pay tax on the treasury received from the Seljuk،

But friends Jacob is not experienced in terms of the Mongols, but Usman Bay is a man who knows very well about the Mongols and what to do، When to do and what not to do، Viewers may also be waging war against Usman Bay, but so Uthman Bay has told Yaqub Bay that I will pay the first tax،

Viewers want to get time by paying taxes so that they can gather a united army in time to defeat the Mongols، But friends, there is another problem that Usman Bay has asked for taxes, but Usman Bay has no treasure because Usman Bay has The treasure has been stolen by the ominous Wasilis، Viewers will now try to find Usman Bay’s gold until the deadline for the Mongol ambassador expires، But still the Mongolian ambassador will put pressure on Usman Bay and Yaqub Bay to pay taxes on time.

If taxes are not paid, this time the situation will be different Will be adopted, because if Usman Bay does not pay taxes lovingly, the Mongols may try to collect taxes forcibly or strictly،And if Usman Bay gets angry at this, it could be that Usman Bay killed the Mongol ambassador and then the audience Maybe Usman Bay, along with Yaqub Bay and the rest of the Sardarans, will fight the Mongols. Now this next trailer can tell something،

So the audience was some of our theoretical and experimental videos in which we presented our thoughts to the audience. What do you think could happen in the next episode Please comment on our video and subscribe to our channel if you like the video and so on Unique and informative videos of you continue to get up، Dear viewers, this is the love of you that we are waiting for and we are very happy with this process of up, so friends meet in a new video He will take care of himself for a lot and remember us in prayers

Watch And Download Kurulus Osman Episode 135 With Urdu Subtitles

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