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Kurulus Osman Episode 133 Synopsis

Scene 133 of Kurulus Osman Then, while the soldiers prepare for battle by gathering supplies, etc., and offering words of support to one another, Alauddin also heads out to the conflict, where he encounters Arhan Bey and Han Bayas. to Usman Bey, that is. Then, we see that Yaqoob Bey is welcomed warmly to his new market on the opposite side, where he meets Gunja Khatun and asks her whether she was brought in for the work that you are performing.

She agrees, hands over the sultan’s decree, and Yakub Bay declares that this sultan’s decree no longer has the power to stop me from becoming a sultan. Next, we witness Alauddin Bey presenting his father Usman Bey with the treasure map and informing him that Sultan Saud had buried the wealth here, close to the Mongol border, and that Master Weezals had carved out a covert passageway for it. In addition to knowing the location of the treasure, he would pay attention to what Usman Bey and Alauddin Bey had to say.

In order to follow Yaqub Bey and keep an eye on him at all times, Uthman Bey instructs his son Alauddin Bey to accompany him to the market. Arhan Bey is then asked to fetch the treasure, while Uthman Bey himself goes to the market. The next scene shows Yaqoob Bey warning Muhammad Bey that Uthman Bey is going to try to bring the treasure before I declare it and that you have to stop him. The Master then appears, concealed within Usman’s home where he lives as a servant. He informs the soldier that Usman is leaving, so he should proceed.

Attack Usman then, as Uthman Bay was proceeding, they attacked them along the route, and Uthman Bay engaged in combat with them, ultimately killing them. Next, we observe that Mahomet Bey receives a servant sent by Master Weasel. Subsequently, Bala Khatun appears, looking much better than she did before. She is sipping Yunus Amre’s herbal beauty syrup, and her health has much improved. She then surprises Usman Bey, who finds her attractive.

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Yaqub Bey gives them the order to go to the gardens first, and then we will go to the treasure location thereafter. This is Muhammed Bey’s way of telling him where the treasure is concealed. Then we see Yaqoob Bay saying, “I want you to be my representative here,” to Charaktai as they converse in the bazaar. He says no at first, then yes, according to Yaqoob Bay. What you talk about will be what I talk about.

After expressing her happiness to Usman Bey, she says, “I have to go to Sogot; I haven’t been there in a long time, and I miss her.” Subsequently, we witness Muhammad approaching the rebels and instructing them to speak with Uthman Bey, join them, and provide support. The rebels respond by saying that they will give him more gold in exchange. He then promises to give them double the gold, which they accept, but only if they listen to him. Yes, you are correct

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