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Kurulus Osman Episode 132 Synopsis

132 of Kurulus Osman’s episodes As the story progresses, an emblem that is important to many tribes becomes apparent. As soon as Yakub Bey learns of Sultan Masoud’s illness, he immediately begins to doubt Osman. Yakub Bey confides in his son Muhammad, giving him instructions to oppose Osman’s envoys who are trying to gain the chiefs’ favour and instead rally them to his cause. Orhan and Alayudin are greeted with great warmth by Osman’s family, which includes Malhoon Hatun and Fatima Hatun.

But a shadow of disease looms over Bala Hatun, with no immediate cure in sight. She has a reoccurring dream that is very similar to the dream Alauddin had at the beginning of this story. Later on, Orhan Bey travels to the frontier and comes into rebels en route. He asks them to Osman Bey’s meeting. As the scene changes, we see Osman Ghazi speaking to the people inside his stronghold. Char Katai’s son asks for his father’s homecoming. In the interim, a stranger shows up clutching Charaktai’s amulet as a memento.

He declares that Char Katai is still alive and gives his whereabouts. Osman Bey prepares to depart for the stronghold by taking the stranger under his wing. The picture changes once more to show Char Katai, a victim of Yaqub Bey’s complex plan, incarcerated and in appalling condition. The goal of sending Osman Ghazi Leif to the stronghold is to destroy Osman. They learn about an approaching truck that they want to ambush at the same moment. Mehmet Bey implores Chalo and Khan to accompany him as he sees a chance to foil Ghazi’s scheme.

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There’s a furious caravan attack and a violent confrontation between Holsera and Irfan Ghazi. Holsera tries to stab Irfan Ghazi with a knife in an attempt to free herself, but she is caught. She is identified by him as a crucial component of their deceit. When Aladdin arrives at Konya, Yakub Bey’s daughter is already there. Together, the two set out to see Sultan Masoud. The next scene features Vezillus, the minister of Constantinople, revealing his cunning plans to cause division between Osman Ghazi and Yaqub Bey.

More intrigue develops when Sultan Masoud’s will is sealed with his royal seal by Yaqoob Bey’s daughter working with the Konya court minister. Alauddin steals out of sight. Alauddin learns from Sultan Masood that he has hidden a treasure map that is currently headed for Osman Ghazi. Conversely, Osman travels in the direction of the Ghazileaf castle and encounters Yunus Emre. Yunus Emre takes on the moniker “Dervish” after being asked. After learning of Sultan Masoud’s passing, Yaqub Bey calls a hasty meeting of the chiefs and urges them to come together under his leadership.

Osman Ghazi replies by giving a large ransom and demanding the release of four prisoners, but he is attacked by them in retaliation. After Sultan Masoud’s death, Yaqoob Bey claimed the Sultanate and announced his break from Osman during this turbulent period. To him, the chiefs swear loyalty. Osman, on the other hand, adamantly declines to swear allegiance and fights in Allah’s name. Mehmet Bey steps in and takes ownership of Holofra, while Orhan Bey makes a significant gold donation in an attempt to save her. As the show comes to an end, people are curious to find out what happens next.

Veselas, the crafty minister from Constantinople, is highlighted in the preview for episode 132. His cunning actions continued to sow division among the Turks, which led to Sultan Masoud’s poisoning and ensuing internal strife. The next episode should reveal Osman Ghazi’s attempts to counter Veselas’s schemes and tip the scales against Yakub Bey. This exciting season seems to be captivating till the end, with questions about Holofra’s fate, if she can be returned from Mehmet Bey, and the possibility of confrontations hanging heavy.

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